Two Year Old Champions

A message from the Mayor

Our Second Birthday

The start of this new gaming period sees Katimavik Bay reach its second anniversary. And we reach that milestone as Champions. Not just as Capital of Catan, but also as Champions of the Desert Sons Solo game. We also came second in dice and in tournament as well as the Rivals Marathon. Although still relative toddlers in the game, we are now very much seen as one of the leading cities in Catan. Congratulations to everybody for this remarkable achievement.

Our Place in History

In claiming the title of Capital, we have also created a little piece of Catan history by being the first non-German city to win the big prize. As such, our city will always have a place in the history books of Catan that no other city will ever be able to replicate. Moreover, we have finally put to bed the myth that an English speaking city would never be allowed to take the title of Capital, and it is clear from the congratulations that I have received from my German colleagues that our victory has been both recognized and applauded from cities in both languages. In some way we have also served as ambassadors of the game by helping to bridge a divide that has for too long existed in the Catan world between the English and German speaking cities. All the more so for the fact that our victory included players from Germany who were welcomed into our city in the same way as we welcome everybody who wants to join us.

Our Record

These remarkable results have not appeared overnight. As the following table demonstrates, they represent the culmination of four seasons of steady progress in the game. From our very first season where we lost twice to the barbarians and considered fighting off the third attack as the biggest victory in the game, through steady improvements in every category over each season.

Category S1 (24) S2 (26) S3 (26) S4 (26)
Number of Citizens 50 108 127 164
Capital of Catan 19th 12th 4th 1st
City of Champions 22nd 10th 7th 2nd
Riddle Masters 24th 17th 13th -
Master Explorers - - - 1st
Dice Masters 24th 15th 8th 2nd
Highest Tournament Ranking 16th 6th 5th 2nd

Our Community

When other mayors ask me how we have become so successful so quickly, I have an instant response: Our community. We are successful because we have built our city from the bottom up, based on our Canadian values of community. Almost to the last player our citizens show the most incredible willingness to pull together to do what is best not just for themselves but for the city. This community spirit manifests itself in so many different ways, from city and guard donations; to our trading culture; to the way we help each other learn new games; to the enthusiastic and creative approach to our first garden competition; to the democratic process of decision making which is enshrined in our City Constitution. Anybody who is interested in the running of the city is considered to be part of our wider council and can join the skype chats to ensure their voice is heard. Those who choose not to do so will still always be given the opportunity to vote on key decisions through the wiki forum.

Our Success

As Mayor, I have been inundated by messages of congratulations from people in other cities. Personally, I find this a little embarrassing because I really don't see this as my victory. This is OUR victory - and it belongs to everybody in the city.

  • Certainly it belongs to Fleet, one of the few original members to survive that first season and the one person who didn't rush to get me certified back in our second season when I predicted that one day we would be capital. Fleet has so little spare time that he almost never plays Catan (but do not make the mistake I once did of challenging whether he actually knows how, because I can tell you from a personal and very painful experience that he will proceed to wipe the floor with you!!) - but he dedicates what time he has to his spreadsheets, calculating optimum builds and working out exactly how many donations it will take to survive an attack. So precise are his calculations that he causes many a faint heart from those who see that we are still not safe hours before an attack - only for us to hit the safety mark almost right on the nail with minutes to spare.
  • It also belongs very much to our Deputy Mayor, Islandwonder. Ironically, Island was elected Mayor of the last season, but when personal commitments increased, she had the good grace to step aside and hand the reigns over to somebody who had more time on their hands. More importantly, I don't think anybody in the city understands how heavily I lean on Island for support. We talk regularly over skype voice to discuss the progress of the city and I will never make a decision without first agreeing it with her. But equally importantly, Island is never afraid to tell me when I have got something wrong or fail to keep things in perspective - and that is the mark of a true friend and confidante. Thank you Christa for this incredible support.
  • It belongs to all the unseen and unsung heroes of our Executive Council. To Lenzi for his work in updating the wiki pages. To Nikkio for taking on one of the busiest and most important jobs in the city in welcoming all our newcomers. To Mindcircus for acting as Second DM and Ambassador. To Pediatron for her time in teaching new games and reminding us all to play our dice and DSS and fill the monthly gold lists.
  • It belongs to those who have joined us from other cities and brought with them so many useful tips and different perspectives. Until Pediatron joined us we were blind to the power of the Assembly Hall. But others too have brought useful experiences from having played the game elsewhere.
  • It belongs to everybody who joins our skype chats and adds diversity in their opinions to our council discussions. To those who readily respond through those chats to requests for subs or to make instant trades. And to those who have been able to inject some humour through the chats whenever the game has felt like hard work.
  • It belongs to those who have earned valuable gold and city donations for the city. To those who make their daily pilgrimage to the Assembly Hall and the park for their dice and DSS games. To those who have spent long boring hours in the official tournament room trying to squeeze in their tournament games. And to those who have endured games they don't particularly enjoy in order to fill the monthly gold lists.
  • But more than anything our victory belongs to everybody in the city. Everybody who poured in city donations at the start of the game period to get our key buildings up ahead of the pack. Everybody who followed the advice of council in terms of building their house ahead of clothes and garden. Everybody who persevered with the bath house even when they were getting their resources wiped out. Everybody who made their guard donations to safeguard us from attack. Everybody who participated so enthusiastically in the garden competition. And everybody who spent that last month striving to get their clothing and gardens pushed to the highest possible level to maximize our CP return.
  • And last, but my no means least, it belongs to our newest members who helped us to win by doing nothing. When we narrowly missed out on third place last season it was due in part to an influx of new actives which diluted our city's average CP score. This season we faced the same problem, but we asked all our new players to refrain from spending until the end of the season. Anybody who shares my passion for the game will understand how hard it is to get your premium account and be asked not to use it to the full for another month or so. Those who agreed to do this have made a tremendous personal sacrifice to help our city take the title and I am indebted to them for their understanding. There is no question in my mind that this victory belongs as much to those new players as to anybody else.

Our Next Season

As the next season begins, we would like very dearly to defend our title. We know the successful formula so it is really just a question now of continuing along the same path. But I would also like to try to make sure that we rediscover some of the fun that has always been such an attraction to newcomers. Our city motto has always been "Play Often, Play Well, Have Fun". We clearly succeeded in the first two of these, but I did feel that sometimes we were so focussed on the title that we forgot to have fun.

So I would like to hear from people on what you think the city could do to make COW more fun. City tournaments? A city game night once a week? Something else? I am struck by how many people in COW seem to think that the citizens serve the mayor. I see things very differently. To me, the mayor is elected to serve the citizens. So please do not be afraid to tell me what you want and I will do my best to deliver. Subject always to the democratic voting process that serves our city so well.

Thank you for a great season. Thank you for the faith you have shown in re-electing me as Mayor. Let's get out and have some fun!

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