Prize Draw

The city's reward for becoming Capital of Catan will be 10 free memberships - six for 6 months and four for 3 months. The vote held in the wiki site in May determined that these prizes should be awarded to those who made the biggest contribution to the city's success, by means of a categorized prize draw. A further 3 month membership has been added to the prize draw by the Mayor - see the Mayor's Prize category below.

The draw will take place at 1200 EST (0900 PST, 1800 CET) on Sunday 1 July - Canada Day! - and will be conducted by the Mayor based on the player's draw number. The Mayor and some other players have already exempted themselves from the draw. Any players who wish to witness the draw may do so over skype video by confirming their wish to participate and providing their skype contact details by Thursday 28 June.

There will be only one prize per player. Those included in multiple lists have increased odds of winning, but will automatically be exempt from the remaining draws once they have been awarded a prize. Players who are exempt from the draw will not be replaced in that draw, so this will increase the odds of other players in that category. The draws will be conducted in the order shown below, so as to ensure that those players who qualify for fewer draws have a greater chance of winning once other winners have been exempted.

Best of luck to everybody who hopes to win a prize.

Prize Categories

Six month Prizes

Draw 1: Desert Sons The 15 players who attained the best scores for the city in desert sons solo, averaged out over the six months of the season. This category has been selected as our DSS results was a significant factor in our success, both through the gold explorers statue, and the city contributions earned through the Park.

Draw 2: Dice: The 15 players who attained the best dice scores for the city, averaged out over the six months of the season. This category has been selected as our dice results was a significant factor in our success, both through the silver dice statue, and the city contributions earned through the Assembly Hall.

Draw 3: Tournament: The 15 players who scored the best tournament results for the city, averaged out over all tournaments throughout the season, with the exception of the board game and card game marathons. This category has been selected because the tournament scores were a significant factor in our success, both through the silver statue for tournament play, and the gold earned at individual tournaments. For administrative ease, only those scores which finished in the top 15 in each of the competitions have been included in the calculations.

Draw 4: Highest Contributors: The 15 players who contributed most in city donations throughout the whole of the season. This category has been selected because the city donations from these citizens were the cornerstone of our success, helping to erect the buildings which provided valuable income for the city.

Draw 5: Top Defenders: The 15 players who contributed the most to the defence of the city through city guard donations. While most players contributed to the defence of the city at some stage, this category aims to capture those who donated more than their fair share, helping us to make up any shortfall.

Draw 6: Culture: The 15 players who made the highest contribution to the city's total culture points by means of their personal culture points at the end of the season.

Three month Prizes

Draw 7: Inactives: Those players who joined the city in the last month of the season and agreed to remain inactive until the start of the following season. Also those players who were active with low culture points and agreed to become inactive before the end of the season. This category has been included because those players made a huge personal sacrifice to ensure that the city's final culture points were not heavily diluted by the addition of new actives late in the season.

Draw 8: Defence: All players who made guard donations matching or exceeding their personal protection requirement during the final attack period of the season. Any players who qualify for the draw for the top 15 defenders will not be included in this draw.

Draw 9: City Donations: All players who made any city donations at any stage during the previous season. Any players who qualify for the top 15 contributors will not be included in this draw.

Draw 10: All Actives: All players who were active on the final day of the season. This is an all encompassing category to ensure that everybody who played the Metagame last season has at least one chance of winning a prize. Odds are long, but will increase as other players become exempt through success in earlier draws. Any players who qualify for top 15 culture points will not be included in this draw.

Draw 11: Mayor's Prize: In addition to the ten prizes awarded by Catan, the Mayor will award one further prize in the form of a three-month gift coupon under a special category called the Mayor's Prize. In addition to all members of the Executive Council (Fleet, Islandwonder, Lenzi, Mindcircus, nikkio and Pediatron) who did so much work in the backgrounds for the city, the following citizens have been added to the draw as a result of things that they did through the course of the season which caught the Mayor's eye in terms of their contribution to the success or morale of the city:

  • DetLionsFan - for all his work on communicating strategy for the desert sons solo game and for his consistently helpful contribution to the city council chats
  • KreuzRitter - for the insight he brought from his experiences with Bergamon, and for helping with the German area of the forum (not to mention his role as auditor general in keeping track of gold distribution!!)
  • Ralf - for his thoughtful and regular input to city deliberations, and for keeping Council up to speed on German discussions in the forum;
  • settlersteve - for doing anything for anybody anytime! As mayor, I visited almost every market and I don't think I ever saw a single market where steve was not present helping somebody get the trade they needed. Along with Lenzi and DetLionsFan he also did a lot of work calculating our dice and DSS positions. But even without all of this, his patriotic garden display of KB#1 alone would have given him a spot in this draw.
  • subarctickat - the only non Metagame player who stepped forward and put the gold and resources she had accumulated into city donations.
  • Tmac - without question the luckiest player in the whole city, for sharing and communicating his bathhouse strategies and providing us with an endless supply of ore through his wins!


Players have until Sunday 24 June to check the eligibility lists below and advise if they have been omitted from any category for which they believe they should qualify. Similarly, any players who wish to exempt themselves from the draw (ie because they do not wish to claim a prize) should notify either Vixter or Islandwonder by that date. Those players who have already notified their exemption are shown with an asterisk. All attempts will be made to contact those players who are no longer citizens either through ingame message to their free account or through skype or private email where this is know. For ease of administration, it will be assumed that those players who are no longer citizens and who do not respond to confirm their participation in the draw will be exempted.

Since the Mayor's Prize will come in the form of a gift token which can either be used by the account holder or passed as a gift to a third party, players who have otherwise exempted themselves will still be included in that draw. Because the Mayor said so :) !!!

Six Month Prizes

Player No DSS Dice Tournament Contributors Defenders Culture
1 DetLionsFan 49.51 KingLeon 109.48 *Pediatron 4.11 KreuzRitter 55 DetLionsFan 44 *Vixter 535
2 *Fleet 48.71 *Ralf 108.93 DetLionsFan 3.50 chicadee136 49 *Ralf 42 settlersteve 532
3 Lenzi 47.79 DetLionsFan 108.48 *Jack_Frost 3.49 *Vixter 41 ddcbc 40 KreuzRitter 517
4 *Alear-Nozni 45.88 settlersteve 108.00 *Vixter 2.83 Lenzi 41 *Pediatron 39 *Pediatron 504
5 *Pediatron 268.99 *Alear-Nozni 107.69 KreuzRitter 2.79 *Alear-Nozni 37 KreuzRitter 37 *Mindcircus 492
6 KingLeon 44.52 *Jack_Frost 107.60 Islandwonder 2.74 DetLionsFan 35 *Mindcircus 37 *Jack_Frost 471
7 *Ralf 44.26 *Vixter 107.38 *Apollo56 2.66 *Pediatron 33 settlersteve 35 *Apollo56 469
8 settlersteve 43.12 ddcbc 107.36 MrShug 2.25 Mindcircus 30 bmac184 35 Islandwonder 459
9 *Jack_Frost 42.76 Lenzi 107.33 Lenzi 2.21 *Jack_Frost 29 *Jack_Frost 34 nikkio 456
10 *Vixter 41.83 KreuzRitter 107.21 Hill123 1.93 leanne 27 Islandwonder 34 ddcbc 449
11 *Apollo56 36.86 Candan 106.88 settlersteve 1.83 KingLeon 27 Beachburg 34 Beachburg 427
12 KirrenM 36.86 Panduhman 106.33 KingLeon 1.61 ddcbc 26 *Vixter 33 Vancouvergirl 414
13 MrShug 35.55 FladtheWise 106.29 ddcbc 1.55 settlersteve 26 MrShug 32 Joktan 413
14 ddcbc 35.12 MrShug 106.24 *Kelly123 1.35 Islandwonder 25 Pourpreclair 32 Mighty34 412
15 Panduhman 32.36 *Pediatron 106.21 m.j.j 1.26 Tmac 25 *Apollo36 32 MrShug 410
W= KirrenM KreuzRitter m.j.j Tmac bmac184 Vancouvergirl

Three Month Prizes

Player No Inactives Defenders Contributors Actives Mayor's
1 backwoodsBC *Alear-Nozni alvomedia *Alear-Nozni DetLionsFan
2 cstone9903 alvomedia *Apollo56 Alvomedia Fleet
3 Derek Beefy* bambou970 Ameliak* Islandwonder
4 gulliblebynature Bunanie Beachburg bambou970 KreuzRitter
5 Iggy_Bop Candan bmac184 Beefy* Lenzi
6 kisis chicadee136 Bunanie bmac184 Mindcircus
7 Merbecke Churbz Candan Bunanie nikkio
8 MiaRoberts* Cloudie Ceinwyn buttsbrady Pediatron
9 OakvlJoe drinksonme Churbz* Candan Ralf
10 Shennanigans FladtheWise Cloudie Churbz* settlersteve
11 Shoonz* *Fleet drinksonme Cloudie subarctickat
12 SirStiles harveyca dzired* craigs* Tmac
13 umop_apisdn Hill123 FladtheWise DetLionsFan
14 huttwo1965* *Fleet drinksonme
15 Jagger harveyca dzired
16 Jesse05 Hill123 FladtheWise
17 Joktan huttwo1963 *Fleet
18 KingLeon jenrain harveyca
19 KirrenM Jesse05 Hill123
20 leanne Joktan huttwo1965*
21 Lenzi KirrenM Jagger
22 LGEM LGEM Jesse05
23 m.j.j lord01 KingLeon
24 Mighty34 m.j.j KirrenM
25 mirschub79 Mighty34 leanne
26 nikkio mirschub79 Lenzi
27 Panduhman MrNice LGEM
28 RobynhooD* MrShug m.j.j
29 *Sabroso nikkio Maverick21
30 Shoonz* P10 MeowMix
31 Snail_Gary* Panduhman mirschub79
32 TalkToMyHand Pourpreclair P10
33 TheBri *Ralf Panduhman
34 themusicalchef *Sabroso Pourpreclair
35 Timbits73 Shoonz* *Ralf
36 Tmac SL33MANS* RobynhooD*
37 Xalvion* Snail_Gary* rylan24
38 Sookis *Sabroso
39 subarctickat Snail_Gary*
40 suny Sookis
41 TalkToMyHand Spectacle*
42 TheBri subarctickat
43 themusicalchef suny
44 Timbits73 TalkToMyHand
45 Vancouvergirl Tchubby4
46 TheBri
47 themusicalchef
48 Timbits73
49 Tmac
50 trincy37
51 Xalvion*
W= Derek harveyca subarctickat Jesse05 Lenzi
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