Katimavik Bay Trading Pages


This page is designed to facilitate the trade of resources between citizens of Katimavik Bay. It is the responsibility of individual users to update their details, including their trading requirements.

How to Use this Page

  1. Select the option to edit at the bottom of the page. This will enable you to edit your personal details on the page.
  2. Add your user name and profession to the table. Also state which resource(s) you require and any what you are willing to trade. If possible, it is also helpful to provide an indication of when you are most likely to be available to trade.
  3. If you see somebody looking for a trade which matches your requirements, send them a Catan message offering the trade and make arrangements to meet them in town to trade.

Remember to update your requirements regularly in order to get the most out of this page.

Last Update User Name Profession Current Requirements Able to Trade Availability
31 Dec 11 Vixter Brickmaker brick, ore wheat, wool evenings 6-10pm EST/weekends
themusicalchef smith wool ore evenings 6-10pm \est
Fleet Smith Brick Ore Almost every weekday market at 6 EST
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