KB Survey Questions

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About you

  1. What is your Catan username ?
  2. How long have you been a premium member ?
  3. How many games a week do you play ?
  4. Which games do you like to play ?
  5. Which games would you like to learn ?
  6. What is the most fun for you when playing catan games?
  7. What is your most memorable moment ?
  8. What 3 things in priority order would most increase the fun you have playing:


  1. Do you plan on actively participating in COW :
  • In general
  • upgrading house, clothes and/or garden
  • dice game
  • riddle game
  • capital of catan
  • donate for defense against barbarian
  • donate for city expansion
  • participate in council decisions
  • playing in team tournaments
  • other
  1. What services would you like the city to provide you
  • Defense strategy against barbarian
  • Coaching to learn new games
  • Strategy guides to learn how to play better
  • Community tournaments
  • Social games where people chat with skype voice
  • other
  1. What should the city do wiith its gold ?
  • have prizes for community tournament
  • subsidize citizrns fot making guard donations
  • spend on city expansiosn
  • other:
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