Kb Survey Oct 29 2010

Xalvion - minimal interest in metagame - likes tournaments

Island Wonder - no goals for city - focus on house - will give city donation when she upgrades a level - would like to play non catan games with group in KB.

vixter - 3 goals for city
1. Do everything I can to make city grow
2. to meet and get to know new people.
3. to be competitive
City can build Town hall for her. :)

Lord Axel - just do what you think is best.

Ziyanna - fine like it is now. - Save the city from the barbarians and do everything I can to be part of the city.

Fleet - 1. Help reflect the "will of the people" at council 2. Earn some sort of city status by end of game 3. Help to discover optimum paths to goals.

Willing to offer got Gotomeeting to allow people to watch games and learn.

Drinksonme - so new I'm not sure what goals to pick. makes donations whenhe can , would like to know where resources come from.

KimmyT - enjoys all aspects of game , nothing to do for her. Wants to know if she can give coins to city council.

Panduhman -
1. Upgrade house to get more resources.
2. Learn t o play as many games as possible
3. Help Kb kick some ass in the metagame

gootchums- goals - develop kinships, improve gaming skills, upgrade house, improve city rank with friendly competition.

1. team unity 2. personal rewars & assist advancement 3 social networks 4 friendly atmosphere

n3wf - goals: 1. have funplaying catan games 2. beat the barbarians 3. do well in the metagame
Council can tell him when t o build and when to donate so that we beat barbarians

waterboy; 1. help to make every KB citizen's catan game playing experience more enjoyable,
2. have such good competition that even if I play my best it's tough to get a monthly gold in any category
3. it would be fun to be in the top 10 on the citizens list, but this is in direct contradiction with 2, si I'll go with having the city be consistently in the top 10 in TOurnaments … and of course above all 0. HAVE FUN.

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