Kb Rivals Top 10 Tips

This section summarizes different player's tips that they think are important to win: (This may be redundant, not sure it's worth it, but wroth going through the exercise because it distills down what you think is important in your strategy).


The order is more or less chronological not based on importance.

  1. I place my regions as follows and expand if possible to the right with ore/brick(matching numbers with brick/wheat) because of analysis of most used resources

gold wood brick …. brick

sheep wheat ore …….. ore

  1. the 4 cards i want to place first are: Parish Hall, Cadamir, Toll BRidge, abbey (between wheat and ore to get city faster) or 2nd TOll Bridge
  2. After this, all cards I play must generate celebration, strength, trade or VP points. Slots are so valuable.(foundry may be another exception)
  3. Gold Strategy : Toll bridge is so important because:1 trade point, 2 gold on Plentiful Harvest. use gold for Parish Hall card stack searches. have a goldsmith around, can be very useful.
  4. I play as many cards (especially action cards) that i can each turn. THE more cards I play, the less my opponent has to play.
  5. I try to stay one step ahead of my opponent and play all attack cards before he does: brigands when I have strength,merchant when I have city, trade master when I have guild hall.
  6. I play market place as soon as my opponent adds a settlement
  7. I make sure I always have 2 cheap expansions in my hand to be in a position to make VPs: staple house is my favorite because you get 2 resources
  8. Big knights are better than small knights because you get more bang for the buck. It is worth fighting to get/keep strength.
  9. Remember you can remove an expansion to free up a slot to earn a VP.
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