Kb Rivals Duel Strategy Guide


This guide assumes you have already read the Gold strategy guide Please read it carefully before proceeding.

winning strategy

NOt sure what it is. You do NOT need 3 key cards to iwn.

  • Go for Hedge tavern first, if only so other player doesn't get it.
  • IF opponent gets it firsts g et heinrich and watch tower.
  • next go for Merchant guild and attack cards
  • LEt opponent have university but take connoneer so he can't take strength from you..
  • try to get celebration, strength and trade, or at leasst 2out of 3.
  • Plat attack cards before he plays them on you;

Starting Cards

  • Parish hall to find the key cards you need
  • Abbey to have an extra slot to keep them
  • Toll bridge: only one card. gives gold to use for parish ahll.


  • find and play start cards,
  • build city before settlement to get first first key extension.

Special stacks


  • get merchant just before you get first city
  • Gold cache very nice especially if you have toll bridge.
  • mint fits well with gold strategy
  • * Staple house gives you 2 resoruces of your choice when you build
  • money lender will allow you to take 2 resources if the have rade


  • attack quickly before he has a chance to defend
  • take heinrich if he is still available to opponent canèt defend.
  • Two cards require strength


  • take cannoneer if it will cause you to be
  • If you have less points than the opponent think of getting the ccards that allow you to take from the stack. If you have hedge tavern you
  • Bath house protect from the plague and doctor gives you 2 adjacent reds,
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