Kb Hoitytoity Strategy Guide


This is a strategy guide to Hoity Toity, it assumes you know the basic rules of how to play, it is basically a somewhat elaborate version of rock, paper scissor. Since many people are unfamiliar with the game, we've included a description of the rules.


The goal of the game is to get the most points by exhibiting your art collection or by capturing a thief with your detective.

Game overview

The game consists of 20-30 rounds. IN each round you have the choice of playing 1 of 2 rock, paper , scissor type games.:

1 Gallery

This would be more of a "rock paper" game, there are only 2 choices:

  1. chose a check to bid for one of the art work up for auction or
  2. play your thief in the hope of stealing the auction winner's check.

IF two or more players play a thief they cancel each other out and no one gets the check. The highest bidder chooses the artwork of his choice.

Your art collection

Creating the "best" art collection is an important aspect of the game. You get more points every time you compete with another player for best exhibit. Each artwork has a letter (A - F) and a number (5 - 45 ). You need to have at least 3 art works to do an exhibit and they must form a connected sequence like BCD or DDDEF. ABBDEF Forms two 3 work exhibits. You need to get a C artwork to be able to make a 7 work exhibit.

The "best" exhibit is the one with the most artworks. In case of a tie the numbers are added up and the highest total wins.

An important characteristic of a collection is how "fragile" it is. i.e. if one work of art is stolen, will its length only decrease by one ? The two extreme examples are:

  1. ABCDEF : very fragile. Lose any of the middle works and your collection will be split in 2.
  2. BBBBBB: Very strong, you can lose any number of works and still have a valid exhibit.


Each player starts with 4 checks of different values. The values are:

P1 P2 P3 P4
Blue 1 2 3 4
Yellow 1 2 3 4
Green 1 2 3 4
Red 1 2 3 4
Purple 1 2 3 4

2 Castle

The is where you exhibit your art collection for points. You have 3 choices:

  1. Exhibit your art collection. You get points for best and second best collection based on which box is selected at the top of the screen.
  2. Thief: steal an art work from the players exhibiting
  3. Detective: put thief(ves) in jail. Get more points the farther behind you are.

Points for exhibits

The points you receive for an exhibit are determined by the row of boxes at the top of the screen. There are 2 scores in each box for the best and second best exhibit. There is also a marker for each player. At the beginning for the game all the markers are in the left-most box. Every time you score points your marker is moved 1 box to the right. The marker of the person who has scored the most time will be the farthest right, The box containing this marker determines what scores are used for the current exhibit,
The last box is a along table and gives 8 and 4 points for the 2 best exhibits.


You have 2 thieves, each with a number associated with each one. The number decides who goes first if two thieves are stealing from an exhibit


The jail has one spot for each player. When a thief is caught by a detective it cycles through the jail, first in - first out.

Strategy Overview

Strategy or luck ?

The best Hoity Toity players win just over half their games (4 or 5 players), just as best multi players do (6 players). SO their is skill and strategy involved, with probably a larger luck component. The best analogy for me is poker. There are clearly better poker players and one of their key skills is reading and out guessing their opponents.

General Strategies

Be unique

Easier said than done but if you could consistently chose what everyone else doesn't you will do well. If you are the only one in the gallery, you can buy an artwork with your smallest check. If you are the only one in the castle you can exhibit with no fear of having an artwork stolen.

You can't score points in the gallery. Most people will mostly spend time in the gallery in the first half of the game and the castle in the second half. You are more likely to be on your own if you spend time in the castle first and the gallery at the end.

Read your opponent

If you knew what your opponents were doing each round you would win easily. Here again there is no sure fire strategy, but you can try to characterize each opponent a bit:

  1. How aggressive are they? in the first few turns do they use thieves often? Do they always use the detective when there are many people in the castle ?
  2. How predictable are they ? Given their situation do they typically do what you expect them to do ?

Specific Approaches

1 Conservative, low risk: build collection, catch thieves.

The detective: Safe points
One of the key scoring features is that you make more points using a detective to catch a thief the farther behind you are. For 5 players: if you are in first place you make 1 point, 2nd 2 points … 5th place 5 points.
There is no risk of having an artwork stolen as there is when exhibiting.

THE strategy to take advantage of this is

  1. Add to art collection early in gallery:

Buy pictures early when you can. Use thief to get checks when you can't or at least block other players from getting checks. You won't score any points but you should build up your collection.

  1. Use detective to catch up. At 5 points a pop it doesn't take may caught thieves to catch up. This only works of course if there are thieves to catch. If your opponents are not aggressive this will not work well because they will not play thieves for you to catch.

2 Aggressive: take the lead early and try to hold on.

The opposite approach is to go to the castle immediately if you can exhibit, and score as many points as you can. Exhibit often, switching to detective when you think there will be thieves. This works well with non aggressive opponent who do not steal much.
When you get your artwork stolen, go back to the gallery and buy until you can exhibit again. If you can get a 10 point lead by the last box you have a good chance of winning. The last box is worth 5 points and the final table 8.

One advantage of this approach is that you are more likely to be unique.

Variious Tactics

Buying artworks

Your first goal should be to connect you works of art to get as long an exhibit as possible. Save your big checks for the letters you need to connect. Next try to make your exhibit as solid as possible, duplicating letters so you have the largest possible exhibit that will not break if an art work is stolen.

If you're really dedicated, keep track of what checks people have so you will know if you can be out bid. You may then want to try and steal the check rather than being outbid. Even if you don't steal it you at least block someone else from getting it.

IF your opponents are super aggressive you can try bidding your lower check sometimes. If everybody else plays a thief, you ge t a cheap price for an artwork.

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