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Learn to Play More - Learn to Play Better

Here at Katimavik Bay, we believe that everybody should enjoy their playing experience. But what better way to enhance your enjoyment than learning to play different games and scenarios. And of course, nobody would deny that people have more fun when they're winning! This is why our city motto is Play Often, Play Well, Have Fun. We believe that the more often you play, the better you play, and the better you play, the more fun you have. And of course, the more fun you have, well the more often you play ….

This page is designed to help those who want to learn different games or who want to improve their game strategy. The links in the instructions column provide written instructions and rules for a range of games. In the tutorial column you will find links to the Prof Easy visual guide to selected games. The final column contains strategy guides written by KB citizens experienced in the various scenarios. Feedback on these guides, including any tips for enhancement, are always welcome.

Want to try a new game for the first time but don't want to jump in as a newbie? The best way to learn is by playing with one of your fellow villagers who can talk you through as you go. This is easiest with skype voice but can also be achieved without. Playing with an experiened or highly rated player who explains their placements and the moves they make as they go is also a great way to improve your game strategy. If you would like to set up a learning or coaching experience with one of your fellow citizens, either send us a private message or post something in the forum.

Teaching Games

See a game that sounds like fun but don't feel that you totally understand it yet? Many of your fellow citizens are happy to teach you how to play new games. Please click here for a list of teachers.

You can also use the Book a Game page to book a date and time to play your favourite game or learn to play something new.

And remember, the more different games you play, the more chance you have of winning gold through the monthly gold lists. It also means you can help the city aim for gold in the fortnightly tournaments.

Instructions Tutorial Strategy Guide
Cities & Knights Cities & Knights
The Great Canal The Great Canal Strategy Guide
Catan Exp. Expansion Strategy Guide
The Caravans The Caravans Strategy Guide
Multi Catan Multi Catan Multi Catan Strategy Guide
Hoity Toity Hoity Toity Hoity Toity Strategy Guide
Domaine Domaine Rules Do Domaine Strategy Guide
Elasund Elasund El
Desert Sons Desert Sons Desert Sons Strategy Guide
Desert Sons - Single Player Single Player (middle of page) Desert Sons Solo Strategy Guide
Basic Old Card Game Basic OCG Base
Expansion Old Card Game Expansion OCG Exp
Tournament Old Card Game Tour
Dice Game Catan Dice Strategy Guide
COW Meta Game COW Meta Game Strategy Guide
Rivals of Catan Card Game Online Board Gold Duel Turmoil Intrigue Merchant Princes Barbarians
Rivals of Catan - Tournament Tournament + Deck Editor Tournament
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