Katimavik Bay Executive Council Archive

Season 2

Executive Council
Mayor: DemonHunter
Deputy Mayor: Energyboy
Minister of Defence: waterboy

Season 3

Executive Council
Mayor: waterboy (Vixter wef Jan 2011)
Deputy Mayors: Fleet, Vixter
Minister of Communication: Vixter
Minister of Defence: Fleet

Season 4

Executive Council
Mayor: Vixter
Deputy Mayor: Islandwonder
Minister of Community Affairs: Drinksonme
Minister of Defence: Fleet
Minister of Information: Mindcircus
Games Meister: Pediatron
Tournament Meister: Falsmoniker
Ambassador: Sabroso

Season 5

Executive Council
Mayor: Islandwonder (Vixter wef Dec 2011)
Deputy Mayor: Mindcircus (Mindcircus wef Dec 2011)
Minister of Community Affairs: Vixter (nikkio wef Dec 2011)
Minister of Defense: Fleet
Minister of Information: Lenzi
Games Meister: Pediatron
Tournament Meister: vacant
Ambassador: Vixter (Mindcircus wef Dec 2011)
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