Katimavik Bay Card Strategy


This strategy guide assumes that the reader is familiar with the rules of the game and is an extension to the Basic Strategy Guide.

General strategy points

How do you get to 13?

  • you should have a basic strategy on how you are going to get your 13 points and contingency plans if this doesn't work out,
  • There are 5 additional settlements available. How many of those do you need?
  • There are 7 cities available. How many of those do you need?
  • What's the worst case? How are you going to get to 13 points?

Game Phases

As with many games play can be broken down into 4 phases:

1) Setup: deck/starting hand selection
2) Opening: Preparation to be ready to attack at 7 points
3) Middle: Build up of principality until there are either no more settlements or cites.
4) End: Scoring last point to get to 13.

Taking the initiative

As with many strategy games such as chess the winner is typically able to seize the initiative and stay one step ahead. Here the real game starts at 7 points when player can start playing attack action cards. It is critical to seize the initiative at this point. If you can take cards from your opponent to grow faster at the beginning, the exponential production effect will usually allow you to pull ahead from there. The goal is to continually steal from your opponent to slow him down, while giving him little to take when it is his turn.


Whether for tournament or an expansion game the cards you choose are clearly strategy specific.

In general it is best to focus on one strategy.

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