Islandwonder's Platform

First and foremost, I think it is great that we are having a real election for the first time and hope that as many people as possible will take the opportunity to consider the options and cast their vote over the next couple of weeks.

Like Fleet, I would love to see our beloved KB take the top spot next season and I truly believe that we can do it. Winning the Metagame is not something that will happen because every single citizen follows the plan. While the math plays a vital roll, it is our human element combined with the math that makes our city strong. We can win because of our ability to mesh the math with the human element.

In Katimavick Bay we help each other. We welcome new players, teach new games, encourage and console each other. This is the centre of our city. We are strong because we have strong players and we have strong players because we help each other. Focusing exclusively on the Metagame will actually weaken this and make it more difficult to take the crown.

As Deputy Mayor of Katimavik Bay this past season, I have been very involved in the way the city has been run and I am proud of the community we have built and the collective spirit, which has seen us become so strong in the Metagame. Whether or not we manage to take the bronze statue which we covet this season, I think we should be really proud of our efforts. Even a top five placement is an enormous achievement for one of the smallest and newest cities in Catan.

Over the past couple of seasons we have learned to make the Metagame work for us. We have discovered the amazing power of the bathhouse and assembly hall. We learnt to focus on income producing buildings first and how to make a solid base, which will give us the resources we need to overtake the other cities. We have done this because we have been prepared to discuss all the options openly, consider the opinions of everybody involved, debate the options and reach a consensus on the way forward. This hasn’t always been easy, and some of the debates have got quite heated, but the results have not only benefited our city in the Metagame, but have also ensured that everybody who is interested feels involved and included in our decision-making process. This principle of democracy, of inclusion and of community is what underpins our society and our city.

I believe that city resource should go to those that make an effort to support our city. I would like to see a continuation of the gold for dice and gold of tournament play system we currently have in place. I think that this does a great deal to encourage our citizens to make an effort in the Metagame, which they may not otherwise bother to do.

I believe that decisions need to be underpinned by math and logic, and we all owe an enormous debt to Fleet for the work he does in this area, but we also need to recognise that there are other factors at play, that each member of Katimavik Bay will have their personal views on how much they want to contribute to the city. We need to consult people on their views, ensure that they understand the pros and cons of all the available options, and trust them to make informed choices, which benefit themselves and the city.

I believe that the Mayor plays an important role as a figurehead for the city. The Mayor should be active in all areas of the game, both inside and outside the city. That means taking part not just in our city skypes, but ensuring that our city’s interests are represented in the skype chat for mayors and in the mayors’ forum and that potential changes to the game discussed in those places do not place our city or our players at a disadvantage. Within the city, the Mayor needs to be both visible and approachable. I have seen just how many people turn to the Mayor for advice on an enormous range of issues. Whether it be answering questions, helping people learn new games, brokering trades to help citizens get the right combination of resources, or just listening to the occasional rant about games gone wrong, each and every member of the city should feel comfortable in the expectation that they can turn to their Mayor for support. This is what makes our community so strong and why we have such an enormous rallying power when we need support from the city.

And I also believe that the Mayor should set the tone for others to follow – whether it is in tournaments, in dice, by participation in the monthly gold lists or through donations to the city and guard.

Above all else, I want everybody in Katimavik Bay to have fun. I want you to know that there is someone that you can turn to with your question and concerns. Someone that will put the will of the people ahead of her personal views, yet always argue for what she believes. Good luck to all of you in the next season. KB rocks!


PS I am also happy to answer any questions.

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