Katimavik Bay First Garden Competition

Katimavik Bay plans to hold its first garden competition!


Traditionally in Katimavik Bay we put a lot of early emphasis on generating maximum revenue power, by building revenue producing city buildings and housing. The start of P3 is the time to turn our attention to spend which generates higher culture points, such as gardens, clothing and pets. A garden competition will be a nice way to focus attention on garden spend, while encouraging a bit of flair and creativity.


The competition will be held in the final attack period of the current season, ie starting immediately with voting taking place at the end of September.


All citizens will be encouraged to maximise their spend on gardens during P4. At the end of the period everybody in the city will be invited to vote for their favourite gardens. Voting will take place on the wiki site and each person may vote for up to three gardens, with 5, 3 and 1 point being awarded for first, second and third place votes accordingly. After a voting period of 5 days, all the points will be tallied and the winners announced. It will not be permitted to vote for your own garden, including for those of a second account.

The Prize

The owner of the garden which collects the most total points will be rewarded with 10 gold from the city treasury. Second place will attract 5 gold and third place 3 gold. However, please see the important point below on eligibility.

How do I build my garden?

You build your garden by visiting the General Store in the city and purchasing items for your garden. You can position the items you buy as creatively as you like within the space provided. To make purchases you will need lots of coins so you will need to visit the coin trader daily and try to trade three of whichever resource is at premium. This should be made easier with the L3 market and bank.


Please remember that, while we want to make our gardens as attractive as possible, the aim is to maximise your culture points. Since you can only build on 30 spots in your garden, it is important to maximise the return of those spots. Flowers take up the same spot as a tree but provide half as many culture points. In addition to trees, other items such as benches, lamp posts and scarecrows also generate maximum culture points. The focus, therefore, should be in creating as nice as garden as possible using only trees and other items worth maximum CP points.

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