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Voting is now officially closed for this season's garden competition, and we have a tie for first place!

Nikkio and Lenzi both share the honour of first place, and will each be receiving 9 gold a piece for their wonderful gardens.

Vixter takes 3rd place prize of 5 gold for her amazing design.

Friendly, Drinksonme, Koebra, and umop_apisdn all receive honourable mentions for a job well done!

3rd place to umop_apisdn I like the symmetry used and felt it was well thought out

2nd place Lenzi again the symmetry was really good here and I like the design

1st place Vixter was the most appealing to me and had great symmetry as well

everyone who participated was great and as always I enjoyed looking around at them all!

3rd - Koebra - Excellent use of the various kinds of flowers to add a splash of colour. I also like the flower pattern at the very front.

2nd - Nikkio - I love the symmetry in the garden. The combination of trees, flowers, snowmen, benches, and hedges presents a well-thought-out conceptual design overall, and the fact that it uses so many garden elements is nice to see!

1st - Lenzi - Excellent symmetry in the design, but also a good use of a lot of different garden materials. I like how the trees at the back of the garden frame the backyard, while the two smaller plots at the front provide a nice overall look to the front yard. It was a really tough decision for 1st place, but Lenzi edges out Nikkio for the win just based on this author's design preference.

With my laptop having died in the middle of a two week business trip to Ecuador, I cannot log into Catan and so am having to place my votes from memory of what I saw prior to my departure. Apologies to anybody who I might have overlooked or who has added to their garden since I last logged in.

Based on memory, I vote for drinksonme in third place for the effort she has made to make her garden decorative, while mostly relying on the higher value trees and other items. I vote for Friendly in second place for the wonderful dash of colour she has achieved in her garden. But first place goes to nikkio because I love the symmetry she has achieved with her garden. Congratulations to everybody who put their creative juices to good work to ornate our city and break up the monotony of winter in Catan.


Thank-you to everyone who spent time building up their beautiful gardens this season. This is the third season that we are doing a garden competition for the citizens of KBAY, and it is nice to see that there is still a lot of creativity and thought going into the designs!

Competition Rules:

•Ensure that you look at all the gardens - some people have houses in the very far corners of the city, so please use your mouse to drag the screen around to check out all the gardens.

•Please remember to vote for the garden not the house - pretty garden looks all the more spectacular alongside the bigger houses, but those who have joined the city with less time to build their houses should not be penalized.

•Try to distinguish between natural city trees and those which form part of the garden - it can be hard when you are looking at those with lots next to the park or who have other trees surrounding their housing lots.

• Players are entitled to make additions to their garden throughout the voting period.

•You are only allowed to vote once for the top 3 gardens, and you not allowed to vote for your own garden or for any other account with which you are directly associated with.

Once you have had a look at all of the gardens, please cast your votes below, making it clear who you are voting for in first, second and third place. Please also try to add a commentary to explain your choices. If you wish to including honourable mentions for those whose gardens that you like but who didn't quite make it into your top three, please don't hesitate to create a section underneath your top 3 vote choices.

Voting will close at server reset on Wednesday March 27th. Votes will be tallied and prizes distributed to the top 3 gardens on Thursday so that the winners have a couple of days left in the Season to spend their winnings.

Good luck to everyone!

Sorry UA, I would have preferred not to have a public debate on this, but you have made your feelings very public and I feel that I should answer them:

1) I did not put the motion forward. My comment in the skype council chat was that, if you and others felt that we should overturn previous decisions on which the city had voted, the correct procedure was to put forth a motion in the wiki and have people vote on it. I also commented that anybody could put forward such a motion. Had this been my motion I would have posted it myself. I stated a procedure but did not put forward a motion nor did I make any commitment to vote in favour.

2) I messaged you privately and told you that for a motion to be legitimate it needed to include the deadline for voting. That guarantees transparency. You cannot ask people to vote on something without telling them when the vote will close. That would be like Harper calling an election and saying he will close the vote when he thinks he has enough support. I made my concerns to you very clear in a personal skype message and your response was something along the lines of "it is fine as it is". Having explained to you the problem with the vote, how could you possibly expect me to do anything other than vote against it?

3) I asked you if you were ready to step up as mayor before I resigned, and you assured me that you were. I was aware of the struggles you were going through (and you, Friendly and I are the only people who know just how much support I personally gave you during that period) and I also delayed my decision to wait until I could speak to you in person to check. You reassured me repeatedly that you were not only ready but were also excited. If was not true then you could and should have said no. It is not fair for you to now publicly state that you weren't ready and that you only did it as a favour.

For the record, I also think you have done a pretty good job and have said so publicly and to numerous people. We have a difference of opinion on the issue of transparency and inclusion, which are things I happen to feel strongly about. But that does not mean that I do not value the work you have done for the city.

Re: Vote For Gold-- by VixterVixter, 18 Mar 2013 21:38

I did mention how I would spend the gold in my first note: "I wish to give out 15 gold for DSS and 15 gold for Dice Game at end of month, as well as gold to the top 3 players in the Garden Competition. I would like to use the other gold in the city to help citizens build up housing and clothing to desired levels. If you agree with this motion, please vote in the thread below.|

What I find most amusing though is that I was asked to put forth this motion in here, but then because I forgot to put a time stamp on this motion, it was then subsequently rejected by the same person who put it forth in the first place! Jesus… I did Vixter a favour by taking over as Mayor at a time when she asked me to. But I was thrown into the deep end. I too was suffering in life, and I was not ready to be a Mayor. But I took over as a friend and I think I've done a pretty good job. I am not going to bother the majority of citizens by sending out yet another email, and yet another vote. I will finish off my time as Mayor using the normal system currently in place.

Re: Vote For Gold-- by umop_apisdnumop_apisdn, 18 Mar 2013 05:43

Against. While I do agree that the gold plan needs to be changed to take into account the reality of this season, I cannot vote for a plan that gives the mayor total control of the gold without any guidance to how it will be spent.

Re: Vote For Gold-- by IslandwonderIslandwonder, 17 Mar 2013 05:48

I support the above plan.

Re: Vote For Gold-- by PediatronPediatron, 15 Mar 2013 19:21

I cannot support this motion as it curently stands as it lacks transparency by failing to give a deadline at which votes will be counted and the motion passed or otherwise.

Re: Vote For Gold-- by VixterVixter, 15 Mar 2013 19:15

A new motion was put forth today to let me (as acting Mayor) "overturn the previous votes and give the mayor complete discretion on the distribution of gold for the remainder of the season."

The reason for this decision is based on the fact that we did not get the town hall built up to to desired levels we had wished to reach in the time that we wished to do so, and we are therefore short on gold.

I wish to give out 15 gold for DSS and 15 gold for Dice Game at end of month, as well as gold to the top 3 players in the Garden Competition. I would like to use the other gold in the city to help citizens build up housing and clothing to desired levels. If you agree with this motion, please vote in the thread below.


Vote For Gold-- by umop_apisdnumop_apisdn, 14 Mar 2013 20:09

I cast my vote in favour

Re: Discretionary Award of Gold by VixterVixter, 08 Oct 2012 21:45

I cast my vote in favour

Re: Gold for Defence by VixterVixter, 08 Oct 2012 21:44

i agree with motion

Re: Gold for Defence by ddcbcddcbc, 08 Oct 2012 05:10

I agree with motion

Re: Discretionary Award of Gold by ddcbcddcbc, 08 Oct 2012 05:06

i agree with this motion

Re: Gold for Defence by ddcbcddcbc, 08 Oct 2012 04:57

I vote in favor of the motion, however, I'd like us to consider a special reward for a player that wins all 3 tournament games (something like 3 or 5 gold) - I don't think this happens very often

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