Katimavik Bay End Game Plan March 2010

So now that the final barbarian attack is over, we are entering the final month of the current game period, where we can distribute the remaining city gold and spend without fear of attack. The following are the city's key objectives for the last four weeks of the game period.

1. Prepare for Next Season

When the Catan clock winds down to day 0, the game will be reset for the next game period. Housing, clothing and all city buildings will be reset and citizens will lose their personal possessions (resources, gold, pets, gardens). But the good news is Katimavik Bay will be green and basked in sunshine - let's hope the rest of Canada follows suit!

Whilst everything else is reset to level 1, housing and clothing is set according to the final level reached at the end of the last game period. So what you finish with now will determine what you start with next season, based on the following grid:

Final Level Starting House Starting Clothes
1 0 N/A
2-3 1 2
4-6 2 2
7-9 3 3
10-12 4 4
13-15 5 5

Since your housing determines your storage and your income throughout the game period, we recommend that everybody aims to reach the highest realistic housing level possible. Ideally, this would be level 13 in order to start next season with a level 5 house. But this clearly won't be achievable for everybody, so aim at least to hit the your next minimum housing level (ie level 2, level 4, level 7 and level 10) if possible. If you are serious about your contribution to the Metagame and would like help from the city to improve your housing, you can ask for gold from the mayor to help you achieve your housing upgrade. It is also important to note that those with level 1 houses who do not upgrade will lose their house at the start of the next game period.

2. Experiment for Next Season

We believe that the Council has done a pretty good job this season in selecting expansions which bring the maximum benefit for a small city such as Katimavik Bay. The Arsenal and the Wall have supported our defence, the Town Hall has increased our gold supply and the Market, the Library and the Bank have benefitted everybody. But if we are going to seriously challenge the bigger cities in the Metagame then we need to look at the potential of other buildings such as the Bathhouse, the Assembly Hall and the Park. For this reason, we are carrying out some experiments on the value of a couple of these buildings.

The Bathhouse

We have started this experiment by building the bathhouse. Citizens can go there and gamble their resources. Although you may experience windfalls and droughts, the odds of winning are even over time, but the city receives a proportion of all lost games. Some citizens have been experimenting with this over the past month, but we encourage everybody to give it a go, so that we can get a clearer idea of the benefit of building the bath house for next season.

The Assembly Hall

The Assembly Hall has the potential to reap big rewards for the City, but only if we can get enough people playing the dice game. The game only takes a few minutes a day to play and is actually a great way to kill off a spare couple of minutes when you are waiting for market and don't want to get into a full Catan game. There is a very easy tutorial and a strategy guide on our games page to help you. In order to encourage participation, the City will reward everybody who plays dice with gold during the month of March. To qualify, you need to play at least 7 games during the course of the month, though we recommend that you play once a day to gain more experience and get the highest possible ranking.

3. Finish the Season Well

While we have one eye on how we can improve our performance next season, we still want to ensure that we finish the current season as high as possible. We are currently ranked 16 out of 26 in the race for Capital of Catan. Ideally, we would like to mark the progress we've made this season by finishing in the top 10. Our only realistic chance of doing this is to develop several levels of the Church, as this is the building which reaps the highest number of culture points. So we continue to need city donations for building. Please support your city by donating your spare resources to the Church. Making city donations is also the fastest way to move up the citizen list and improve your citizen title for next season. City donations cost three resources, but the city subsidises these contributions by offereing one gold for every donation made. Please request gold from the Mayor when making your donations.

4. Continue our Progress in Tournaments

Katimavik Bay has made massive strides in our tournament performance. We've gone from outside the top 20 last season to achieve a number of top ten finishes and a high of 6th place. We'd love to go one better and make the top five in the duel tournament next week. Katimavik Bay is very fortunate to count some extremely talented players amongs our citizens, but we often fail to reap the reward we deserve in tournaments because we don't get the minimum 15 players we need to hold our score. So we would encourage everybody in the city to use this last month of the current game period to carry out their own experiments. Try learning games you have never played before. Enter one (or preferably all) of the remaining three tournaments and see whether you can help us break that top five spot. And earn yourself some gold in the process. For more details on how to enter the fortnigtly tournaments, please visit our tournament page.

5. Have Fun!

This last month of the game period should be the most fun for everybody playing the Metagame. Although we have listed four important objectives for the city above, what is important now is that you spend your resources as you think fit, without having to worry about protecting your assets from barbarian attack. If your preference is for clothing, for pets, for gardens, go ahead and enjoy yourselves and spend.

We also think it would be fun to have an in-city tournament to bring the city together, celebrate what has been an incredibly good season for the city, and distribute some of the city gold we have accumulated from the Town Hall. The tournament will be held on the weekend of 25-27 March and more details on the format and scoring mechanism will follow. Anybody can participate at the time, but if you want to have a say in selecting the game and the times of play, please register your interest on the tournament page.

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