Election of Mayor 2011 Winter Season

We are now just over a month away from the end of the current game season so it is now time to vote for a new Mayor.

Having taken over from waterboy in the middle of last season, it has been an enormous privilege to serve as Mayor of Katimavik Bay during such an amazing period of growth and development for the city. At the beginning of the season I set out what some believed to be an overly ambitious goal of becoming the top English speaking city in Catan, in the hope that next season we could mount a serious challenge to the top German cities in the race for Capital. As I write, we are not only the top English speaking city in both tournament play and the race for capital, but we are sitting proudly in the top five Catan cities. With our biggest spend yet to come during the final period, we are setting our sites on taking third place in the race for Capital. We may not make it - but it certainly won't be for lack of trying.

What has really taken me by surprise this season is the enormous goodwill we have received from so many people from within the city. The number of people who have been prepared to step up and play tournament in games they've never experienced, pour in donations to help us develop key buildings at the right time, and sacrficed their personal expansion in order to make guard donations to keep the city safe. Thank you all for such incredible support.

I've spent a lot of time over the past few weeks trying to understand how a small city like Katimavik Bay, in only its third season of existence, is able to mount such a successful challenge on the big established cities. And the conclusion I have reached is that it is exactly because we are young, new, energetic and full of fresh ideas. In our three seasons we have had three different mayors, and each has brought their own unique perspective to the city. Equally important, the fact that we have changed mayors each season speaks absolute volumes for the principles of democracy we enshrine and is, I believe, one of the key reasons why we have so much support from our citizens. Because the success of Katimavik Bay does not belong to the Mayor - it is a collective effort to which we have all contributed. This is not my city - this is your city - this is OUR city!

So as much as I have enjoyed my time as Mayor, I believe it is right to continue the tradition of having a new Mayor for the new season and I shall be stepping aside and not seeking re-election for the new season. That doesn't mean that I won't be involved - I intend to work equally hard for the growth of the city in whatever role the new Mayor considers I can help them best.

+Nominations for Mayor

I would like to open the election process by nominating both of our current Deputy Mayors as candidates for Mayor. Both have agreed to stand and both have expressed a desire to see a genuine contested election for mayor for the first time in our history.

Islandwonder has done an outstanding job as First Deputy Mayor, stepping in and opening votes, distributing gold, sending out messages etc whenever she has seen the need. She has also helped others out - sending out welcome messages when drinksonme has been away, and helping many of our citizens learn new games. I believe she would make an excellent mayor.

Fleet is, without question, the brains behind the city. He is a master planner who uses spreadsheet formulaes to plot out what we should build when in order to maximise revenue for the city and citizens alike, and who had used these calculations to guide us safely through every single barbarian attack since he took over the defence role two seasons ago. And he does all this despite the fact that he has very little time to actually play the games themselves.

For Islandwonder's platform click here
Fleet's Mayoral platform can be read here.

But the election does not need to be restricted to these two candidates. Anybody who wishes to stand can do so, and you should feel free to nominate your own candidates as you see fit.

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