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Basic rules and strategies for Desert Sons Single Player Game


Realm of the Desert Sons - SPG
"Realm of the Desert Sons - Single-Player Variant" (SPG) is a slightly modified version of "Realm of the Desert Sons," a 3-4-player game you can play in the Tavern. You are a merchant, exploring the desert with your caravan. You are looking for valuable commodities, such as incense, myrrh, salt, and precious stones. You explore tile after tile, each of them depicting either desert or parts of oases or some combination of both. On the oasis tiles, action fields with commodities, camels, water, or rumors are depicted. The robbers have two tiles in their possession which you can steal by paying 1 water for each. If you explore part of an oasis, you may place one of your 4 influence stones on it. (See below for how the robber places stones)
Once an oasis is completely explored, rating takes place. The influence stones all have different heights. The influence stones are lined up from high to low, in decreasing order. Following the order of the stones, you and the Robbers each choose one action per stone, in an alternating fashion. If more than 1 influence stone are set on an oasis and you have the highest stone, you have to pay one water.
Each turn costs you one water. If you don't have water, the game is over. Now the value of your commodities is compared with the value of the Robbers' commodities. The difference between the two values determines the number of victory points you reached. We recommend that you use the tutorial option, at least during your first few games.

Movement and Example #1


Movement Example #2


Treasure Selection Tutorial and Strategy

The Robber and Rumors

The robber always knows which treasure has the best value and will choose that piece, if available.
The robber selects rumors randomly, but always places them in this order (Salt, Merh, Incense, Gems)


Start of the Game Strategy

Variant to the strategy below

1. Move one square down. Place the robber's 4-way piece first and a stone. This will draw the robber's largest piece initially, which is the only piece he will continue to move throughout the game.
2. Move to the right and draw from the stack, place that piece down without a stone.
3. Stay on that spot and draw another piece. place it down so that the oasis is not complete. again, no stone.
4. Now move to the bottom-right spot shown below and trap his smallest stone.
5. Move back to the 4-way piece and finish off that oasis. Use the trapping strategy**


Oasis-Building Strategy


How the Robber Places Stones

1. If the piece has more than one treasure, the robber will place a piece.

2. If you place a piece that has 1 treasure, the robber will place a stone only if you do not place a stone.

3. The robber will place pieces in the order from highest to lowest out of his available pieces.

4. If the robber has all 4 pieces placed on the board, he will move his highest piece instead of placing a piece.

Check out the Power Point available at http://kbstuff.weebly.com/ to see a full game of 55 points.

Updated Starting strategy.

For the past few months my starting strategy has been modified a bit. Now my first few moves look like this:


I start out by placing the opponents first two pieces as shown above. The 3rd piece usually gets placed on top. The goal here being to get the initial 4-sided piece closed off with as few tiles as possible. So if the 3rd piece drawn is a straight, gap, or 3-way piece, I would have placed it to the right. I still recommend starting off by trapping the opponents pieces prior to finishing your first oasis. Good Luck!

That is all I have for now. If you have any questions regarding the game, send me an IM in Skype. Skype Name: det.lions.fan
I will try to answer your question and update the site with that answer.

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