KB Newsletter 2010.05.24

Hello recent and not so recent Katimavik Bay citizens.

There is a lot happening that you should be aware of:

Level 2 Market square!!

We have completed the Level 2 market square ! there is now a 4th merchant who usually gives gold for a specific resource. GO there when you can to build up your gold suplpy )max is 25 golds.

Getting on monthly list

The top 5 players in each game category get 2 gold for finishing first or 1 gold for 2-5 on the monthly list. Since many games don't even have 5 people who played the 7 games to make the list we are letting easy gold get away from us. For the basic and tournament card games you only need to play once. Contact waterboy if you are interested in learning a new game and we'll set a t ime to play.

The barbarians are coming

20 Days until the barbarians attack ! While we are currently safe there is a high likelyhood that we will not be safe at the end of the period because larger cities can make more city guard donations than we can. You should accumulate some gold so that we have the possibility of making some city guard donations if we think we can make a difference.

Do NOT make any city guard donations at this time. Until we're sure it will make a difference it is probably a waste of money.

In the meantime you can build up your house to the next production level or accumulate gold to rebuild after barbarians have passed. If you don't increase production by upgrading your house, try to wait until after the barbarians attack, it will be cheaper to rebuild.

City donations

In the meantime we would appreciate it if you could make at least one donation a week to the city expansion. This is done at the Mason's guild where you also upgrade your house. Currently a small group of 8 have made 95% of the donations

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