Kb Newsletter 2010.05.17

Spring in KB

Isn't spring a beautiful season? Almost too nice to sit in front of a computer. But what can you do, in fron t of the computer is where COW happens. So, priorities sorted I guess.
Here is a short update on our city.


Believe it or not. But even Mayors have a holiday every now and then.
So, I will be away for the next 5 weeks. No, this is not just holiday. Actually, the most part of it seems to be business. Fun time non the less. I will try to be online as much as possible.
But, please be patient if you wait for a response from me in this time. I wont be online every day and might have a whole bunch of message to go through.

Thanks for your patience.

KB Citizen Chat

We have a city wide Skype chat. This is a great tool to discuss current things, also to ask for trade options, or simply to say HI to others. If you want to join us there, please contact one of the pioneers with your Skype name, so we can get connected.

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