Kb Newsletter 2010.04.26


This is the 2nd newsletter, or should we call it KB Tribune? Might sound a bit big for now. But we are growing.
Here is the latest at a glance.

Citizen's Survey

If you haven't filled in the KB citizen's survey, please do so that we can better understand what you are interested in. There are 10 questions it should take less than 5 minutes. NOTE: If you have a problem please message waterboy.

KB guide

For the premium players who don't have a house yet, could you let us know whether you intend to participate in the meta game or not. if you want we can assign you a KB guide who can help you get up to speed and answer any questions you may have. Please message waterboy if you are interested in this.

Catan Dice game

We'd like to get 15 players playing teh Catan dice game on a regular basis (ideally once a day , it takes less than 10 minutes). Just read the dice strategy guide on the main page, it's lots of fun. You also get gold every month if you are in teh top 59.

NEW: MultiCatan Strategy Guide

Ever wondered how to get 30+ points in MultiCatan ? Check out the KB MultiCatan Strategy Guide to learn the secret.

Learn a new game for gold (maybe)

The top 5 players in the city for 10 different games receive gold every month (you have to play 7 games minimum) . Currently many of the non-catan games do not even have 5 players on their list. We don't want that gold to go to waste. Sign up on the Book a Game page to learn a new game of find players to play with.

City Status

The Arsenal is doing its work. Thanks again to all who donated to help getting that done.
Since we are small in number but still need some protection we decided to max out the Arsenal right away. With the few people we have so far we would not be able to make Guard donations and at the same time make City donations to expand other buildings, as well, as upgrading our personal things. So, we greatly depend on the help of the Arsenal for protection. We don't want to lose the few things we have built so far.

So, your continued help with getting the next level of the Arsenal ready is greatly appreciated.

The City in Numbers

If you are interested in more in-depth information about the city status have a look at the statistics page. We hope this to be a useful resource. Not only for now, to see some numbers, but also for the future to refine the strategy for the next gaming period. Even though that is still almost 6 months away.
You can never start to plan early enough !

Book a Game

Want to play a game but can't find anyone to play with ? You can only play at certain hours ? Tired of waiting 15 minutes to get a game going ? …. Then try KB's new Book a game!

Give feedback and suggestions

The wiki is a collaborative tool, PLEASE collaborate if you want. This is a tool you can use to play the meta game. You can start by adding your feedback to the KB Feedback Page

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