KB Newsletter 2010.04.19

Katimavik Bay Newsletter Monday April 19, 2010

Play often, Pley well, Have fun


Welcome to the first weekly Katimavik Bay newsletter where we strive to keep you up-to-date with the exciting happenings in KB. This is truly a collaborative effort and we welcome you're feedback and contributions.

City status

We've completed our level 2 Arsenal. Thank you all who contributed to it.

WE are now starting the level 3 arsenal. Please continue contributing. The sooner we get this going, the sooner we start receiving 5 city guard donations a day.

Things you should know

If you haven't already look at our getting started guide Getting Started Guide

Looking for contributors

If you want to add something to a newsletter, simply go to the archive http://katimavikbay.wikidot.com/kb-newsletter-archive before end of day Sunday and add a section. The intent is for he newsletter to come out weekly every Monday.

Need help with the Wiki?
If you want to contribute to the wiki and need some help getting started, please feel free to contact waterboy or DemonHunter in COW.

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