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Definition of Council

In Katimavik Bay, we use three definitions of Council:

  1. Executive Council: This is the term we use to refer to those members who hold designated positions to help manage the affairs of the City. As set out in the City Constitution, these members are volunteers and, with the exception of the Mayor and First Deputy Mayor, receive no special power or privileges.
  2. Catan Council: This is the current Council as designated by Catan and consisting of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor plus the 15 citizens who have donated to the most to the city within the past 28 days. This Council is used to vote for building expansions.
  3. Wider Council: All current citizens of Katimavik Bay are considered members of our Wider Council. The Council skype chat is used to discuss all city business prior to a vote and all citizens of the city are welcome to join. We also carry out votes in our wiki forum, which are open to all our citizens.

If you would like to be added to the skype council discussion or to volunteer for a position on the Executive Council, please contact the Mayor or Deputy Mayor.

Executive Council


Vixter is the current Mayor of Katimavik Bay. She is responsible for seeing that everything that needs to get done does. She also hands out city gold, opens votes and keeps the city informed of what is going on. As Mayor, she monitors the Mayor forum and ensures the interests of the city are represented in any changes considered by Catan.

First Deputy Mayor

Islandwonder has exactly the same powers of the Mayor and can fill in whenever needed. She also is responsible for coordinating any special projects within the city.

Second Deputy Mayor and Ambassador

Mindcircus provides support to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor and also acts as Ambassador for the city, maintaining relations with the other Catan cities.

Minister of Defense

Fleet is responsible for coordinating our protection from barbarian attacks and for calculating optimum build order, taking into account how much we are able to defend at each attack.

Minister of Community Affairs

nikkio is responsible for welcoming new people and helping them settle into the city.

Minister of Information

Lenzi is responsible for maintaining the wiki site and ensuring that key information is disseminated to the city.

Tournament Meister

vacant: person who organizes community tournaments and leads the city in preparing for official tournaments.

Games and Dice Meister

Pediatron encourages dice play and helps people in the city to learn new games and improve their game strategy.

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