Bath House Gambling

How the Bath House Benefits the City

Provided the bath house has been expanded, the city gains a proportion of a donation every time any citizen gambles and loses resources at the bath house. With a level 3 bath house we gain .15 of a donation for every resources lost. This works out at one donation (worth 3 resources) for approximately every 6 resources lost, so we effectively recoup 50% of any losses to the city.

However, having our citizens win and double, tripe or quadruple their resources also benefits the city, as this provides additional spending power for the city. So it is a great win-win situation.

Accessing the Bath House

All citizens can access the bath house on Sundays. To access on other days you need level 3 clothing. Anybody who is currently a member of Council is automatically upgraded clothing level 3. While we would not normally recommend purchsasing clothing until the final stage of the game, we suggest that if you are not a regular member of Council that you upgrade from level 2 to 3 in order to access the bath house.

How it Works

You can gamble up to five resources per day, against one, two or three dice. You can choose the numbers on the dice by clicking on the dice until you get the number you want. Then choose the resource you want to gamble and click on the dice you are betting against. If it turns to match any of the dice you have chosen you will win the gamble.

Your winnings will depend on how many dice you use:

3 dice = your stake + 1 = double your resources
2 dice = your stake + 2 = triple your resources
1 dice = your stake + 5 = six times your resources

Playing the Odds

Fleet is the key mathematician in our city. He is the one who calculates what we can afford to build and defend in any period, exactly how many guard donations we need in each period to bring us to safety with the minimum of waste and which order to expand our buildings (including housing) in order to maximise our earning power.

Fleet has calculated that, over time, you are likely to break even playing the bath house, whether you play with one, two or three dice. But you need to be prepared for winning and losing streaks. Playing with one dice will make those streaks more pronounced, but will bring the maximum benefit to the city. Playing with three dice will result in less losing rolls, which translates to less donations to the city while you still break even (since you win less resources when you get a winning roll). The following is his advice to get the best out of the bath house.

  1. Try to play the bath house every day.
  2. Try to have the maximum five resources available and be prepared to gamble (and lose) all five.
  3. Choose to roll against two dice, as this should provide a happy medium between minimizing your losing streaks while maximizing the city benefit.
  4. Don't continue to gamble if you are at (or close to) maximum capacity as any winnings may be lost.
  5. Be prepared for winning and losing streaks - don't gamble if you desperately need resources for upgrading your house or making guard donations.

The two-dice method, on average will see you:

  1. almost always win at least one roll
  2. sometimes win two out of five
  3. rarely lose all 5 rolls or win 3 or more.

Thus, it is good for not over-loading your coffers if you get a good win streak, and not busting you if you get unlucky. This will mean you will always have resources to gamble with - because going broke or maxing out means you cannot play all 5 rolls every day.

Last season, with a few hard core players and some casual ones, our bathhouse produced over 90 donations (and that was with a smaller population and build almost a month later than this season). We can really see some great results with a little faith in the law of averages this season! Good luck!

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