Welcome To Katimavik Bay / Bienvenue À Katimavik Bay

The friendliest town in COW

Play often, play well, have fun

Mission Statement

To provide an environment that allows citizens to share their enjoyment and passion for playing games and encourages them to make new friends, learn new games, play often and play well.

What's New?

The season ended with Katimavik Bay placing fourth. Although this is disappointing in terms of our previous achievements, it is still a decent finish for a season where we were clearly feeling the effects of our championship drive. The Mayor has written a message outlining our plan for the forthcoming season.

The Current Plan

As ever with a new season, there is something of an urgency to make city donations so that we can develop our key income producing buildings as quickly as possible. If we can get the Assembly House and Park churning out city donations and the arsenal producing guard donations, then we will be able to get on building our housing while these buildings take care of the city. But failure to get these buildings in place before the end of October means that we will either have to forego our housing or wait indefinitely for other producing buildings such as the library, bath house, bank, and Town Hall.

If you started the season below L5 housing, our advice is to get your housing to L5 as quickly as possible and then start donating to the city. For those who started at L5, please make as many city donations as possible between now and the end of October.

The Assembly Hall Dice game and the Desert Sons Single Player Game

We continue to suggest you make playing the dice game in the assembly hall a daily event! It only takes a few minutes, making it a perfect little break in the day or something to do while waiting for the merchants to arrive. You may already be aware of the Dice strategy guide found here to help ensure you the best chances of obtaining scores above 100! Having a solid roster of dice players means that the city can receive extra donations every month. Scores are calculated based on the average of your best 7 "Valuation" games (which can only be played once per day). So the best way to get a high average is to play once on as many days as you can to shoot for those high numbers (because the dice are not always kind on a given day!).

Also please try to play the Desert Sons Single Player game daily. Like dice only your top 7 scores count. If we finish in the top ten we will get free buildings from this. More information on the DS SPG can be found here.

Gold will be given to the top 15 players of both dice and Desert Sons each month.

**If you have any questions, please use Catan email and send a message to Vixter, umop_apisdn or Freindly.

This spreadsheet will allow make quick work of safety calculations discussed on the Safety Page.

Note: This is a download. You need MS Excel or OpenOffice to use the file.


Katimavik Bay has two forums. The KB wiki forum is available to all who visit this site, whilst the Official COW Katimavik Bay forum is available through the Catan website.

Executive Council
Mayor: Vixter
First Deputy Mayor: umop_apisdn
Second Deputy Mayor: Friendly
Minister of Community Affairs: Friendly
Minister of Defense: Islandwonder
Minister of Information: tjhoopster
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